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Ability to associate Promo and Trailer clips to their promoted content

July 24th, 2019 (Revision 1), print this page

In a market that continues to grow, promotional content is becoming increasingly important to our clients, and their users. We have been watching as promotional content creeps up your list of priorities, listening to the various challenges that you face when managing this content and as a result, we are now ready to release some fantastic improvements to help you in this space.

We decided we needed to offer two new areas in the BeBanjo Catalogue if we wanted to deliver something worthwhile:

  • Somewhere to view and manage all of the promotional content (clips) associated to a piece of promoted content
    • e.g. all clips associated to a certain feature
  • Somewhere to view and manage all of the promoted content that is using a given piece of promotional content (clip)
    • e.g. all promoted content that uses a certain promo

Managing Clips for Promoted Content

Let’s take a look at a feature first.

We can see that currently nothing promotes this feature, but we have the options to either create new clips, or link something existing from the catalogue.


Let’s create something first:

Create clip

Okay, great!

From the feature itself, we were able to create and link clips of our chosen types and manage data for the clips just like we would have done, if we had created this clip from scratch.

But let’s say we have existing clips that we want to link to this feature. We can do that too:

Add clip

As you can see, you now have a simple and clean mechanism to manage the clips for any catalogue item that you want to promote.

Managing Promoted Content for Clips

Now let’s take a look at a promo and see what content it promotes:


Hmmm. Point Break in a ‘coming of age’ promotion doesn’t seem right - and we’re missing an important title here too. Let’s fix everything from this screen:

Manage Promoted Content

Perfect. It’s now easy to manage your promotional content from both sides of the promotional relationship.

The API and Metadata Publication

For now, we have not made any changes to how these relationships are managed via our APIs, or how they are represented in the your metadata publications.

We plan to make further changes to these parts of the product in the near-future as part of a dedicated effort to offer more functionality for promotional content management.

As always, get in touch with your TAM if you would like to understand more about how our APIs or your publications currently manage promotional content.

And one more thing

You may have noticed in the above description that we took this opportunity to sneak in some improvements to the catalogue sidebar too.

We admit it, we’re very sneaky when it comes to continuously enhancing the UI. Hopefully, you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive us.


  • movida#3022 Ability to associate Promo and Trailer clips to their promoted content