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Release notes

Our products are always getting better!


Set metadata when creating images Jun 16th, 2021
The new rights page Feb 15th, 2021
Improved costed runs and re-runs for catch-up Feb 11th, 2021


Towards the new Movida Catalog (Part 2) Aug 8th, 2020
Job_updated events reflect changes to the end date Jul 17th, 2020
API events for rights Apr 13th, 2020
VOD rule templates Feb 25th, 2020
Revamped quick search Feb 10th, 2020
Prevent linear channel deletion Feb 4th, 2020
Allow features to be members of a brand Jan 15th, 2020
Towards the new Movida Catalog (Part 1) Jan 15th, 2020


API support for enumerations and their mappings Dec 2nd, 2019
Support for promoted content in the Superset exporter Nov 20th, 2019
Removed case sensitivity from Excel imports Nov 4th, 2019
Asset External ID Oct 30th, 2019
API events for target platform changes Oct 14th, 2019
Linear scheduling reference programs added to Reporter Oct 7th, 2019
API support for Promoted Content Aug 29th, 2019
Upload images to multiple titles in a series or collection Aug 12th, 2019
Ability to associate Promo and Trailer clips to their promoted content Jul 24th, 2019
Support alphanumeric season and episode numbers Jul 15th, 2019
Support costed runs and reruns in VOD rules, catch-up rights, and catch-up deals Jul 10th, 2019
Scheduling patterns with relative ending dates Jul 1st, 2019
Tags for schedule entries May 18th, 2019
Rights improvements (I) May 13th, 2019
Ability to reparent series and episodes May 1st, 2019
Working in bulk with Schedule Entry Metadata Feb 26th, 2019
Rights exploitation limit per scheduled window Feb 26th, 2019
Add ability to target day parts in VOD rules Feb 19th, 2019
Tag management Jan 30th, 2019
Add support for renditions/audio tracks/subtitles to the metadata filter on the schedule page Jan 30th, 2019
Subsequent season catch-up trigger Jan 21st, 2019
Assign and complete tasks from work page Jan 21st, 2019


Improved time zone support Dec 14th, 2018
Relative start/end dates in VOD rules with fixed times Oct 11th, 2018
Return to scroll position on the schedule page Sep 25th, 2018
Time zones per linear channel Sep 4th, 2018
Scheduling suggestions Jul 10th, 2018
Add playlists support to the add to schedule functionality Jun 13th, 2018
Online content filter in the work page May 18th, 2018
Add VOD rules from the schedule page Apr 25th, 2018
Improved platform selection Apr 24th, 2018
VOD rules rolling pattern Mar 27th, 2018
Better series scheduling Mar 22nd, 2018
Add schedule entries from schedule page Mar 19th, 2018
Add support for duplication of schedule entries Mar 6th, 2018
Ability to save the current filter for later use Feb 19th, 2018
Image editing enhancements Jan 2nd, 2018


Playlists enhancements Dec 7th, 2017
Changes in user account roles Oct 18th, 2017
Catch-up rules asset selection Sep 21st, 2017
Filter by asset types in the schedule page Sep 20th, 2017
Remove attributes/metadata using the Excel catalog and schedule import Aug 23rd, 2017
Start/end dates in rules/rights/deals TX selection Aug 22nd, 2017
New filter by deals name Aug 1st, 2017
Bulk asset selection by type Jul 26th, 2017
I18n for catalog names Jul 21st, 2017
Override rule dates in catch-up rules Jul 16th, 2017
VOD Rules API Jul 5th, 2017
Filter by multiple licensors in the schedule page Jul 4th, 2017
Adjustable day start time per linear channel Jul 4th, 2017
Right windows in Reporter Jun 20th, 2017
Playlist filter for schedule entries Jun 6th, 2017
Update the title activity when deleting a workflow May 12th, 2017
Rerun limit in rights May 5th, 2017
Access deleted schedule entries and jobs May 5th, 2017
External IDs for schedule entries Apr 14th, 2017
The new release note badge Apr 4th, 2017
Allowing tasks to be created through the API at a given position Apr 3rd, 2017
Creating, updating, and deleting the specific_platforms Rights API resource Mar 24th, 2017
Better filtering of catch-up content in the VOD staging area Mar 15th, 2017
Runtime and duration in milliseconds in Reporter Mar 10th, 2017
Platform requirements in Reporter Mar 2nd, 2017
Completed dates for jobs and tasks in Reporter Mar 1st, 2017
Catch-up rules for standalone titles Mar 1st, 2017
Contributors metadata in Reporter Feb 27th, 2017
Schedule entry statuses in Reporter Feb 27th, 2017
Multi-valued metadata in Reporter Feb 17th, 2017
Send to Sequence in the background Feb 13th, 2017
Faster Linear Schedule API Feb 3rd, 2017
Reporter add-on Feb 1st, 2017
Improve visibility of changes to Start/End dates Jan 17th, 2017
Catch-up pages design update Jan 17th, 2017
Better way to add Titles to a Collection Jan 11th, 2017


Activity events for Segments Dec 30th, 2016
Schedule page filter by workflow status Dec 19th, 2016
Asset changes in Job's timeline Dec 13th, 2016
Activity events for Asset changes in Schedule entries Dec 8th, 2016
Catalog Activity page timestamps Nov 9th, 2016
Enter metadata when scheduling Nov 7th, 2016
Faster catch-up pages Nov 2nd, 2016
Floating button bar in the Schedule page Oct 27th, 2016
Filter by metadata in schedule page Sep 14th, 2016
Asset selection in title import Aug 29th, 2016
A new home for settings Jun 29th, 2016
A faster schedule page Jun 21st, 2016
Publication and metadata statuses Jun 13th, 2016
Problem creation dates Apr 26th, 2016
Limited access to schedules Apr 12th, 2016
New schedule filters Mar 8th, 2016
Metadata for images Feb 2nd, 2016
Preassigned tasks in workflow templates Jan 20th, 2016
Filters at the top of the schedule page Jan 4th, 2016


Bulk editing of schedule entry dates Nov 23rd, 2015
Improved filtering in sequence work page Oct 26th, 2015
Contributors credits and catalog improvements Oct 15th, 2015
Support for excel XLSX format in Movida Sep 1st, 2015
Improved layout and schedule page Aug 31st, 2015
Improved filtering in the work page Aug 24th, 2015
Improvements for schedule entry deletion Aug 11th, 2015
Filter by multiple platforms in the schedule page Jul 6th, 2015
Finding metadata errors in the schedule page Jun 22nd, 2015
Type filter in the catalog Jun 17th, 2015
Publication and notification user interface Jun 10th, 2015
Email notifications May 27th, 2015
Schedule page May 7th, 2015
Catalog and search result pages Apr 22nd, 2015
Elasticsearch in Movida and Sequence Apr 16th, 2015
Technical metadata management Apr 6th, 2015
Revised approach for editing metadata Mar 24th, 2015
Textarea improvements Mar 2nd, 2015


Platform management Dec 15th, 2014
New selector for platforms Dec 15th, 2014
Logout. Once more with feeling Nov 26th, 2014
User management with BeBanjo ID Nov 17th, 2014
Add column sorting to the users page Nov 17th, 2014
Improvements to notes and problems in Sequence Sep 29th, 2014
Finding the titles for a licensor using the API Sep 18th, 2014
Improvements to Sequence and Movida integration Sep 11th, 2014
Metadata for schedule entries Sep 8th, 2014
Improvements for boolean metadata attributes Sep 1st, 2014
Metadata for deals Aug 14th, 2014
Publication statuses for offline schedule entries Jul 10th, 2014
Transaction status reports from Youview Jun 2nd, 2014
Enabling and disabling publication in Movida Apr 24th, 2014
Collections and title improvements Apr 9th, 2014
Series and episode improvements Apr 1st, 2014
Title groups should be collections Mar 21st, 2014
Schedule page statuses Jan 20th, 2014


Editing a scheduling Dec 13th, 2013
Asset page refinements Dec 10th, 2013
Deals Nov 29th, 2013
Notifications Nov 22nd, 2013
Catalog navigation improvements Nov 19th, 2013
Brands Nov 19th, 2013
Improved task reports and invoicing Sep 3rd, 2013
Platform information on the Sequence work page Aug 13th, 2013
Show all titles in Sequence that have problems Aug 7th, 2013
Creating deals Jul 31st, 2013
External ID in Sequence Jul 24th, 2013
Asset selection for schedulings Jul 10th, 2013
Asset history Jul 8th, 2013
Duplicate an asset Jul 1st, 2013
Improvements for workflow templates and tasks Jun 20th, 2013
Title catalog May 16th, 2013
Import schedulings May 16th, 2013
Basic scheduling May 14th, 2013
Publication history Apr 26th, 2013