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Ability to reparent series and episodes

May 1st, 2019 (Revision 1), print this page

With increasing frequency, our clients find that they need the ability to move a series between brands, or move an episode between series. These scenarios can arise for a variety of reasons: mid-series breaks being re-interpreted as the start of a new series, episodes being added post commissioning (meaning that the total number of episodes per series changes, and consequently, that series needs to re-structured), or even simple, good old Human Error (pesky humans!). This release efficiently solves these conundrums!

Currently, there is some flexibility in Mediagenix On-Demand to move series between brands, but we identified several ways that this functionality could be improved and enhanced, and we have detailed them below.

This note describes what has changed in full, and as usual you can contact support or your technical account manager for further clarification.

Now, users can:

  • Move a series between brands by using the revised brand drop-down; 232_1

  • Move an episode between series by using the revised series drop-down; 232_2

  • Remove a series from a brand from the Edit Series page by using the brand drop-down; 232_3

  • Add a series to a brand from the Brand Series page by using the Add Series dropdown; 232_4

  • Show reference to a brand in the Series page in the enhanced UI. 232_5

Users, enjoy your new-found powers! 💪

Some additional notes we took into account when designing this solution:

  • When moving series between brands (or episodes between series), we made the action non-destructive, meaning that existing schedule entries and their publications, workflows in Sequence, etc. will be maintained.
  • All scenarios supported by the UI are also supported by the Mediagenix On-Demand API 👍.
  • When moving series between brands (or episodes between series), the value of the external IDs will not change.

We’re committed to continue to deliver incremental workflow improvements for our customers. Small changes can sometimes grant large amounts of time-saving for our customers. If there’s something that you want us to work on, let your technical account manager know!


  • movida#8588 Ability to reparent series and episodes