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Faster catch-up pages

November 2nd, 2016 (Revision 1), download as PDF

We’ve improved the load time of the Catch-up pages.

This note describes this change in full, and as usual you can contact support or your Technical Account Manager for further clarification.

A faster catch-up page

We released these changes several weeks ago, so you may already have noticed the difference: the Catch-up Staging Area is now significantly faster than it used to be.

This page seems innocent but, in fact, it takes a fair amount of processing to render it. Prior to these changes, we had registered page loads of 30 seconds or more. They didn’t happen often, but those waiting times weren’t acceptable.

Not anymore! According to our metrics, this page is now up to five times as fast, giving an average load time of less than 1.5s.

And faster linear schedule page!

That’s not all, folks. We also thought that the Linear Schedule could use some optimisation magic, and we made it 3 times faster. It now loads in 160ms on average!

We hope you enjoy the extra speed! We will keep on working to get those pesky load times down, so that you have more time to get on with what you want to be doing.


  • movida#312 Review Catch-Up page load time to identify potential optimisations
  • movida#5285 Performance Boost of LinearSchedules page