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Improve visibility of changes to Start/End dates

January 17th, 2017 (Revision 1), print this page

We have improved the Timeline and Activity pages in Sequence to display the modification of a Scheduling window.

This note describes this change in full, and as usual you can contact support or your Technical Account Manager for further clarification.

You open Sequence, start working on a title and suddenly realise it has different Scheduling window dates than the ones you remember. You don’t know if your memory is failing or if you are being gaslighted. Until now you weren’t able to confirm your suspicions, but fear not, we are here to help.

Now you will see the Scheduling window dates changes in the timeline page of a title:

And you can find the same information in the global activity page:

That’s helpful, isn’t it?


  • sequence#753 Improve visibility of changes to Start and/or End dates