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Improvements to notes and problems in Sequence

September 29th, 2014 (Revision 1), download as PDF

We’ve made another small but very useful change to Sequence, this time to improve how Notes and Problems are handled.

This release note describes what has changed in full, and as usual you can contact support or your technical account manager for further clarification.

Across the Universal Resource Identifier…

Notes and Problems in Sequence are very useful for keeping your whole team on the same page and making sure information is shared effectively.

We noticed that many customers use these features, particularly Notes, to store instructions about where to download content from (e.g. FTP servers, web sites, etc.).

Sequence will now automatically convert those obscure strings of characters into something a little more useful, a hyperlink!

Here’s an example:

2014 09 29 Improvements To Notes And Problems In Sequence R1 01

You can see that the Note contains a link to the media file on an FTP server (and the contact email address at the content provider), and the Problem contains a link to a webpage where artwork can be downloaded from. Nifty.


  • sequence#495 Show URLs as clickable hyperlinks in notes and problems