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New schedule filters

March 8th, 2016 (Revision 1), download as PDF

Recently, we moved the filters of the schedule page to the top of the page. This brought a few benefits but, mainly, it paved the way for a number of enhancements we wanted to make in the filtering functionality of this page.

Two of those enhancements were released in the last few weeks: a new filter by Platform Requirement and the ability to perform Negative Filtering. They will make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for in your schedules.

This note describes those changes in full, and as usual you can contact support or your Technical Account Manager for further clarification.

Filter by platform requirement

The filters dropdown in the schedule page now includes a new entry named “Platform Requirements”:

New schedule filters 1

This new filter will allow you to filter by any of the Platform Requirements in your account. Once the filter is active, the Schedule page will only list the content scheduled in a Platform with the selected Requirement.

New schedule filters 2

For instance, depending on your configured Requirements, you’ll be able to see only the entries scheduled in a SVOD platform, or only the entries scheduled in a platform in France.

Negative filtering

Most filters in the schedule page now offer three filtering options: “all”, “is” and “is not”.

New schedule filters 3

The “all” option means that all the values will pass the filer and so, effectively, the filter is not doing anything.

The “is” option allows you to select a value that the schedule entries must match in order to be listed. This is the normal behaviour of filters. Examples of this are: “show me only the entries with rights in conflict”; “show me only the entries licensed by Lionsgate”…

Finally, the “is not” option is where you’ll find the new functionality. It allows you to select a value that the schedule entries must not match in order to be listed. This is what we call negative filtering. Examples of what you can do with it are: “show me only the schedule entries that don’t have their rights cleared”; “show me only the entries that aren’t licensed by HBO”…

New schedule filters 4


  • movida#4264 Negative filtering in the schedule page
  • movida#4265 Filter by platform requirement in the schedule page