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Access deleted schedule entries and jobs

May 5th, 2017 (Revision 2), print this page

We’ve added the ability to access deleted schedule entries in Mediagenix On-Demand and deleted jobs in Sequence. This note describes this change in full, and as usual you can contact support or your Technical Account Manager for further clarification.

Schedule entries and Jobs are the heart of Mediagenix On-Demand’s tools. They give you full control over your VOD schedules (i.e. specifying which content is available, when and where) and your operations (i.e. what is the status of each workflow of my operation). Until now, deleting a schedule entry or job would cause any data associated to them to be deleted as well. For example this includes tasks that had been completed, publications sent to your platforms or playlists that you had created.

Have you ever wished you could access that deleted data, perhaps for reporting or auditing purposes, or simply to help you recover from accidental deletions? We have good news for you: we’ve enhanced our tools to give you access to schedule entries and jobs previously deleted.

First of all, we’ve added a new option to the Mediagenix On-Demand schedule page main filter, which will allow you to get access to deleted entries in your schedule:

This filter lets you access to the data of the deleted schedule entries, their metadata, publications, playlists or workflows, and export everything to Excel if required. The deletions will still have occurred, so it will not be possible to modify any of the information relating to the deleted items.

Of course, you can combine this with any other filter in the schedule page and do things like retrieve a list of all the deleted entries in a specific set of platforms, or from a particular licensor

Similar functionality is available in Sequence:

The new “Deleted” link in the filter bar gives you access to the data of any job you deleted, including their assets, tasks, problems, notes, timeline…

We’re very excited to announce these changes as we believe they can take our users to a new level in terms of safety and efficiency when using our tools.


  • movida#5558 Disabling schedule entries
  • sequence#824 Disabling jobs