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Relative start/end dates in VOD rules with fixed times

October 11th, 2018 (Revision 1), print this page

As you know, VOD rules offer a lot of flexibility to automatically schedule catch-up content based on linear TXs. We thought they covered all the cases, but it turns out we were wrong! 🙈 Not anymore!

This note describes this change in full, and, as usual, you can contact support or your Technical Account Manager for further clarification.

When defining a VOD rule, you can set the start/end dates of the VOD content in two different ways: choosing a specific day and time, or a relative one, based on different criteria, like “before transmission starts” or “after transmission ends”.

But! The latter scenario did not allow for enough flexibility for setting the time. What if the TX started at 8PM, and you wanted the content to be made available in VOD after 3 days but at midnight? It was tricky! 😒

Fear no more, you can easily achieve that now: we have added a way to define a specific start/end times when working in relative dates. Nifty! Have a look:

screen recording firefox developer edition

We hope you like it and it makes your lives easier! 🙋


  • movida#7779 Relative start/end dates in VOD rules with fixed times