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Towards the new BeBanjo Catalogue (Part 2)

August 8th, 2020 (Revision 1), print this page

Last year we spent time speaking to a number of you in detail. From those conversations, we identified a set of visual and behavioural changes in the BeBanjo Catalogue that will improve the speed and efficiency with which you manage your content.

This is a major (and exciting) overhaul. As a result, we have chosen to split the design up into small, manageable chunks for implementation and we will periodically provide you with release notes that describe these …chunks.

…Let’s crack on, with Part 2:

More and better views

We have introduced two different views in the Catalogue page. To navigate between them just click on the relevant icon placed on the right-hand side of the screen.

Mar-18-2021 17-01-22

If you fancy a more visual way of seeing your catalogue, go check out the grid view. You’ll find bigger images and three titles per row.


However, you might prefer the list view if you want to scan text quickly.


It’s up to you to decide which one to use. The same information is displayed in both views and you can perform similar actions:

  • Select one or multiple results by ticking the corresponding boxes. If you want to select all, simply select remaining, just like you do in the Schedule page.
  • Access more options by clicking on the three dots next to each entry. You can edit and delete the catalogue entry or view the schedule entries associated with it.
  • Delete several catalogue entries at the same time. Just remember that this will delete all its associated content!
  • Exporting is not something new to the Catalogue page. However, you have now the ability to export Brands and Contributors. :tada:

Better filtering

We have made several changes to improve filtering in the Catalogue page:

  • We moved the filters to the top of the page, just like in the Schedule page. We hope this helps you to quickly visualize what’s going on, especially after the introduction of advanced filtering.

  • You can now filter by multiple metadata items. Sometimes, you might need to find catalogue entries where a brand or an episode metadata keys contain specific values. Now it is possible! You can create combinations with most metadata keys defined for your company.


  • You can also filter by multiple tags.


  • And select multiple types.


A more informative catalogue page

In addition to all these improvements, the Catalogue page now displays 30 entries per page, it shows the number of items in the result page


and includes pagination.


We hope all these changes make it much easier to manage your catalogue!

As always, if you would like additional clarification on any of these changes, or if you have any doubts, you can contact your Technical Account Manager.


  • movida#9484 New catalogue: new search (V)
  • movida#9485 New catalogue: grid view (VI)
  • movida#9486 New catalogue: list view (VII)
  • movida#9488 New catalogue: catalogue cover (VIII)
  • movida#11368 New catalogue: multiple type filters (XII.i)