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Add playlists support to the add to schedule functionality

June 13th, 2018 (Revision 1), print this page

We recently made it much more convenient for you to schedule content, by allowing you to ‘Add to schedule from the schedule page’, in addition to the catalogue:

Add to Schedule

It’s a great feature, but we noticed it needed a key improvement. So we have now included the ability to add and configure playlists when using this feature and just to be fair, we’ve also made playlist creation available for the older ‘Add to Schedule from Catalogue’ feature too.

This note describes this change in full, and, as usual, you can contact support or your Technical Account Manager for further clarification.

Users that choose to ‘Add to Schedule’ will be presented with the good ‘ol Add schedule entries page but now the option to ‘Use a playlist’ will be available near the bottom of the page. You may primarily use this to set a playlist from an existing template:

movida 7362_playlistgif_1

However, depending on your workflow, you can also create new templates and edit existing templates from here too. It’s an exact replica of the playlist functionality that was previously only accessible by editing an existing schedule entry:

movida 7362_playlistgif_2

So if you’re a big playlist nerd, we’ve got your back.


  • movida#7362 Add playlists support to the add to schedule functionality