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Read-only metadata keys

December 7th, 2021 (Revision 2), print this page

As a Christmas gift to all of our customers, we’ve made it possible to configure metadata keys to be read-only.

Metadata keys are the core component of our extensible catalogue data model. Customers like yourselves, have been using this extensible model for years to successfully customise and evolve your catalogue data over time. So, we made a small change to make it even easier to make changes during in-life implementations.

How it works

Here is an editorial group of metadata for an episode of Fargo, in our KBBL TV demo account:

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 12 03 29

The KBBL TV technology team has decided that english language title-names will be stored and owned by a separate rights-management system, so they want to prevent users from updating (eu) name values from now on.

A quick service request to our support team, and one of our specialists will isolate the metadata key in settings and set it to read-only:

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 12 04 19

And now, any user working in the UI will be unable to alter the data for that key alone:

Screen Recording (Google Chrome)

This is a nice little improvement on what was already possible before, which was the ability to set all metadata keys within a group to read-only. This improvement makes our model even more flexible, and fits into our commitment at Mediagenix On-Demand - to make Mediagenix On-Demand the most enjoyable product to integrate with your business processes and system architectures.

For more information please speak to your friendly neighbourhood TAM and please let them know if there are any other stocking fillers you’d like from Mediagenix On-Demand Santa.

🎅🏽 “ho ho ho”


  • movida#8887 Read-only metadata keys