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Limited access to schedules

April 12th, 2016 (Revision 1), download as PDF

As our customers grow and distribute content to more and more locations, managing these schedules across the world, it can get harder for Mediagenix On-Demand users to make sure they are always working on the right thing.

We’ve introduced the concept of Teams to Mediagenix On-Demand - users can be added and removed from Teams, and these teams can have their access limited to only a subset of your available schedules within Mediagenix On-Demand.

This note describes the changes in full, and as usual you can contact support or your Technical Account Manager for further clarification. Please note that this functionality is disabled by default, if you would like us to enable it for your company please let us know.


Mediagenix On-Demand ID now allows Owners to manage Teams within their Company

Limited access to schedules 1

Teams can be updated by Owners to add or remove members:

Limited access to schedules 2

Granting teams access to schedules

Inside Mediagenix On-Demand, Teams grant access to the schedule of a limited set of platforms. Users will only have access to the schedules granted to the teams they are part of.

Within the platforms page of Mediagenix On-Demand, owners can manage which teams have access to each schedule:

Limited access to schedules 3

Clicking on the pencil button in the above page will give the user access to the edit form of a Platform where team access to that Platform’s schedule can be managed:

Limited access to schedules 4

For additional convenience, you can also update team access to multiple platforms in bulk:

Limited access to schedules 5

Limited access to schedules 6

For users, Mediagenix On-Demand looks exactly like it always did! However, they will only be able to see and manage archive and catch-up scheduling for any Platforms the teams they have been added to have access to. Teams outside this list will be hidden from them.

Note that owners will always have access to all the Platforms in the account regardless of any teams they might be part of.


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