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Return to scroll position on the schedule page

September 25th, 2018 (Revision 1), print this page

Often when in the Mediagenix On-Demand schedule page, you need to make changes to your schedule entries, adding playlists, modifying metadata, tweaking start and end dates.

Today whenever you make these changes, there’s a risk of losing context - the edit screen takes you away from your carefully filtered view of the schedule page, and when returning to the schedule page we take you right back to the top of the screen again - disaster! I can’t always remember which critically acclaimed Spanish film I was working on before I looked away from my screen.

The schedule page is a key part of Mediagenix On-Demand, and we want to introduce as many improvements as possible to make working here as seamless as possible.

We’ve implemented an enhancement which will automatically return you to the scroll position you had before leaving the schedule page. Whenever you leave the page to edit schedule entries, we take you right back to where you were before!



  • movida#7780 Return to scroll position on the schedule page