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Asset history

Release date: July 8th, 2013 (Revision 1), download as PDF

When problems occur downstream of Movida with the processing of Assets, e.g. for scheduled Titles, it can be useful to know exactly when the Asset details were changed and who changed them.

Movida has been changed so that details (including the username, date, and time) of all changes to Assets are recorded in the Activity page (in the “Catalog” section) and in the “Activity” page for a Title in the Catalog.

This note describes what has changed in full, and as usual you can contact support or your technical account manager for further clarification.


The Activity page in Movida provides an audit trail of changes made in the Catalog, Rights, and Schedule; the Catalog section now includes changes to Assets:

2013 07 08 Asset History R1 01


The “Activity” page for a Title in the Catalog also shows the changes made to its Assets:

2013 07 08 Asset History R1 02


  • movida#758 Record activity when an asset is updated and display it in Title activity feed