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Catch-up pages design update

January 17th, 2017 (Revision 1), print this page

If you use the Catch-up functionality you will notice some changes in this area of Mediagenix On-Demand.

This note describes this change in full, and as usual you can contact support or your Technical Account Manager for further clarification.

As you probably noticed, we have been updating the design of the application one page at a time to the new, wider and cleaner design. Now comes the turn of the VOD staging area and the Linear schedule pages inside the Catch-Up section. You like them, right?

What has changed?

VOD staging area

The main change in this page is the table style, which has been unified with the rest of the tables of Mediagenix On-Demand. The filters have been moved to the top of the page allowing us to display more information in the table. Now each element has its own column and the actions are represented by icons. Neat.

Linear schedule

This page hasn’t changed much, some cosmetic details here and there and speed improvements, but worry not, we have some cool ideas for the future.

Activity log

Wait, did you say Activity log? Oh, yes, I remember now, we thought it wasn’t in the right place so we removed it. You can already check the log in the Activity tab, its natural place. Don’t you agree?

It’s not a huge update but we believe in modifying little by little to accomplish big changes in the long haul.


movida#588 Catch-up page 1.5 design