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Support costed runs and reruns in VOD rules, catch-up rights, and catch-up deals

July 10th, 2019 (Revision 1), print this page

Mediagenix On-Demand’s clients often integrate Mediagenix On-Demand with a linear scheduling system and it’s common for those systems to support the concepts of costed runs and reruns.

We added support for those concepts to the catch-up module in Mediagenix On-Demand, giving you more options and flexibility in how you can exploit linear content on-demand.

This note describes what has changed in full, and as usual you can contact support or your technical account manager for further clarification.

Before describing the features, let’s define some terminology:

  • Play run number, which is the transmission number across linear channels and is analogous to Mediagenix On-Demand’s transmission number in VOD rules.

    For example, if a programme is shown twice on Channel A and then three times on Channel B the play run number of the last transmission (on Channel B) will be five.

  • Run number in contract, which is the costed run (transmission) of a programme across linear channels; a contract allows for a given number of costed runs (transmissions) for each programme and, on top of this, a given number of reruns are allowed.

    For example, a programme might have four costed runs and two reruns; if the programme is shown three times on Channel A, each transmission may have the same costed run number and two of the transmissions will be reruns.

If your linear scheduling system supports the costed run and rerun concept, then it’s likely that you’d want to generate catch-up schedules based on that information for each linear transmission.

To let you do that, the Transmission element of a VOD rule and catch-up right now supports three options: Transmission, Costed run, and Rerun.

Here you can see the new options when editing a VOD rule:

Edit VOD rule

This catch-up right is using the costed run option:


and its corresponding VOD rule uses the same option:

VOD rules

These new options for VOD rules and catch-up rights are also available in the Mediagenix On-Demand API for system integrators.

It is very important to note that these new features depend entirely on the integration with the linear scheduling system creating linear schedule entries in Mediagenix On-Demand with the appropriate values for the //costed-run and rerun elements.


  • movida#8804 Support costed runs and reruns in VOD rules, catch-up rights, and catch-up deals (redesign prequel).
  • movida#7486 Support costed runs and reruns in VOD rules, catch-up rights, and catch-up deals.