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Working in bulk with Schedule Entry Metadata

February 26th, 2019 (Revision 2), print this page

It is often the case, that our customers want to store and publish data that is specific to an individual schedule entry and they do this today, with Schedule Entry Metadata. We have noticed a slow increase in the amount of schedule entry metadata that our customers are managing and this has resulted in some clutter on the Scheduled Entry Page.

As our customers add more metadata, their interactions with that data also become more complicated. Bulk actions become more and more important to keep schedule entries updated and ready to send.

To make this kind of data more manageable we have introduced the ability to create multiple metadata groups against your schedule entry, and to edit any metadata in those groups in bulk.

The changes allow you to group your schedule entry metadata into categories of your choosing, making it easier for users to find the data they want to manage:


We have also introduced a change to the UI so that each metadata group is presented on the schedule entry page as a collapsed group of data. This allows users to pinpoint the data they want to edit more easily before choosing to expand the group and make the relevant changes:


This also now allows you to create schedule entry metadata groups that are either editable by users or read-only. Much like other entities (e.g. Title) you can now reduce the chance of accidental changes to data that wasn’t meant for user edit.

Finally, any actions which you previously had to perform for each schedule entry can now be made in bulk - simply select a range of schedule entries and click ‘Edit’ and update your dates, assets, playlists and now metadata in a single action!

Note: Please make sure you speak to your friendly neighbourhood TAM about making use of this feature so that they can assess any impacts to your users and implementation.


  • movida#8213 Enable multiple metadata groups for schedule entries
  • movida#8442 Enable editing schedule entry metadata in bulk