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Better asset identification on Schedule entries

November 14th, 2022 (Revision 1), print this page

Assets are one of the most significant parts of any schedule entry. This is why we are improving the different ways of handling them in BeBanjo.

Today we are introducing a simple yet effective change to the selection information you find while editing entries in the Non-Linear module. 

Now information about the asset type, asset name, and external ID value is displayed in the text. Upon hovering over that text, a floating information box displays the number of segments in that asset and its description.

In order to keep this information simple enough, only existing values are shown (for instance, if your asset does not have a segment, you will not see 0 segments, but just the asset description, if there is any as well).


For more information, please speak to your friendly neighbourhood TAM, and let them know if there are any other improvements you’d like from BeBanjo.