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Improved costed runs and re-runs for catch-up

February 11th, 2021 (Revision 1), print this page

In 2019 we introduced the concept of costed runs and re-runs to our catch-up module.

Linear contracts often stipulate how many runs for a title (we call them transmissions) are covered by cost of the contract (we call them costed runs) and how many additional free runs are also included (we call them reruns). For example:

  • Title A in Contract A has
    • 10 costed runs
    • 2 reruns per costed run
    • 20 transmissions in total

Catch-up contracts are often closely coupled to these linear agreements. For example:

  • A linear contract might say “for this title you have 10 costed runs and for each costed run you get 2 re-runs”
  • A catch-up contract might say “the first 2 costed runs and their associated re-runs, can be exhibited as catch-up”

When we first introduced costed runs and re-runs to Mediagenix On-Demand we accepted that it was a simple model that would require further enhancement. After recent analysis with our customers (🤓) we realised that we could:

  1. Reflect costed runs and re-runs more accurately in our catch-up rights
  2. Reduce the time it takes our customers to set-up both catch-up automation rules (VOD rules) and catch-up rights

And that is what we have done!

So let’s take you through a basic workflow to demonstrate the enhancements:

1. Set-up the catch-up right

You sign a catch-up agreement that says you can exhibit Altered Carbon S01 on catch-up for 7 days, after either:

  • the first 2 costed runs
    • the first rerun associated to each costed run

In Mediagenix On-Demand you can now create a single catch-up right for that contract:


And configure the costed run and rerun values to directly match your contract:


This is now both more accurate, and quicker to manage because:

  1. you can specify a range of costed runs in one catch-up right
  2. you can link reruns in one catch-up right (e.g. re-run 1 for each costed run)

2. Set-up the catch-up automation rule (VOD rule)

You can now set up a rule in the exact same way:


Depending on your workflow, it’s possible to keep your catch-up rights and catch-up automation completely aligned. There’s just one more step…

3. Send us your costed runs and re-runs (linear scheduling data)

All that’s left, is for your linear system to send us linear programmes containing run information:


Et voila - scheduled and validated catch-up based on your runs:


This is obviously a simplification, but it demonstrates how easy it is to manage different catch-up workflows in Mediagenix On-Demand.

Please get in-touch with your TAM if you want more information on how you can use this or, even if you have some valuable feedback on where we could take this in the future.


  • movida#10311 Improved costed runs and re-runs for catch-up