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Revised approach for editing metadata

Release date: March 24th, 2015 (Revision 1), download as PDF

We’ve made changes to how you view and edit Metadata for Collections, Brands, Series, Episodes, and Features. These changes make it easier to review existing Metadata and help to ensure you only edit Metadata when you intend to.

This note describes what has changed in full, and as usual you can contact support or your technical account manager for further clarification.

Revised approach for editing metadata

Metadata, we love it!

Before this change, when you selected a Metadata Group for a Collection, Brand, Series, Episode, or Feature then it was by default in edit mode. This meant you could inadvertently make changes, or lose focus (we all do it!) and be unsure as to whether you’d actually made the changes you intended. Also, for those of you with lots of Metadata Attributes the page could be very long, making it tricky to review in a glance. None of these things made us feel good about ourselves so we decided to improve things…

Now when you select a Metadata Group we show a read-only page that is also more compact and easier to read:

2015 03 24 Revised Approach For Editing Metadata R1 01

Click the Edit Metadata button and you’ll see a nifty page like this:

2015 03 24 Revised Approach For Editing Metadata R1 02

If none of the Metadata Attributes in a group have values yet, we let you know:

2015 03 24 Revised Approach For Editing Metadata R1 03

Time to edit some Metadata!


  • movida#3273 Complete the v1.5 design of the metadata edit page