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November 19th, 2013 (Revision 1), download as PDF

Following on from the Title Catalogue changes that were released in May, and the recent improvements to navigation, the BeBanjo Catalogue now supports Brands. Additional features for Brands are being planned and details will be provided when they are available.

This note describes what has changed in full, and as usual you can contact support or your technical account manager for further clarification.

Create a Brand

When you click the Create or Import button in the Catalogue there is now a Create Brand option that leads to this page:

2013 11 19 Brands R1 01

Using this page you can create a Brand with its own Licensor, Poster image, External ID and Tags. Please note that you cannot add Metadata to a Brand, and a Brand cannot contain Features or Collections. To add an existing Series to a Brand simply use the new Select a brand option on the Edit Series page to select the appropriate Brand; the same option exists when you’re creating a new Series. Here’s a Brand that contains several Series:

2013 11 19 Brands R1 02


  • movida#587 Support for Brands