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Enabling and disabling publication in Mediagenix On-Demand

April 24th, 2014 (Revision 1), download as PDF

If your organisation uses Mediagenix On-Demand to publish Metadata, and images, to platforms then from time to time there will be occasions where the platform requires you to put publication onhold. This is usually because maintenance work of some kind is being performed on the platform. It is now possible for Mediagenix On-Demand to easily enable and disable publication on your behalf.

This note describes what has changed in full, and as usual you can contact support or your technical account manager for further clarification.

What happens when publication is disabled?

In Mediagenix On-Demand, the Platforms you schedule against are connected to an Outlet and a Publisher (e.g. YouView) is connected to the Outlet.

The features introduced in movida#1266 allow Mediagenix On-Demand to easily disable and enable publication for an Outlet in Mediagenix On-Demand.

When publication for an Outlet is disabled a publication request for a Scheduling on a Platform results in its status being set to on_hold and a publication job is not created and queued for processing. When publication is re-enabled for the Outlet then publication jobs are created for any Schedulings with a status of on_hold (and their status is updated accordingly).

The Metadata status pop-up in the Schedule page will display a status of Publication on-hold if publication is disabled for the associated Outlet and publication has been requested, like this:

2014 04 24 Enabling And Disabling Publication In Mediagenix On-Demand R1 01

You can also Metadata status filter on the Schedule page to find publications that are onhold, like this:

2014 04 24 Enabling And Disabling Publication In Mediagenix On-Demand R1 02

Please note that during normal operations when publication is enabled for an Outlet then publication jobs are queued in Mediagenix On-Demand; if you ask Support to disable publication for an Outlet then any publications that are currently queued for that Outlet will still be published.


  • movida#1266 Add the ability to enable and disable publication